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We face many dangers every day. May it be at our house, workplace, or on the road. As drivers, we are very much concerned about our safety and that of our family.

Always know the location of your vehicle with these top GPS trackers

Or, you have a poor sense of direction and tend to forget which way to go in the parking lot all the time. Thankfully, there are a lot of GPS apps that are designed to provide convenience and reliability for users around the world. GPS trackers play an important role to ease our worries.

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PanSpy is an all-inclusive car GPS tracking app for Android aimed at tracking your vehicle instantly and easily. With the help of this car GPS tracker, you are able to check the route history of your car and accurate the whereabouts of the vehicle in real-time. Apart from GPS tracking feature, this application also enables you to monitor text messages, calls, Snapchat, WhatsApp, web browsing history, website bookmarks, etc remotely.

Spyzie is another feature-rich GPS car tracker for Android that you can possibly come across.

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It is very easy to use when it comes to locating a car's exact location on a Map directly from your device. This tracking with GPS is usually done in real time, that is, it tracks the target device in a synchronized manner as the device moves per time. Spyzie comes with a web-based user-friendly dashboard accessible from any device. It gives real-time location update and access to important device data such as photos, messages, browser history, notes, etc. Google Maps is predominantly winning the crown of being the best GPS tracking apps for Android users of this generation.

Not only does it make navigation and location finding easier and faster, it helps you discover the best destinations and locality and gives unmistakably accurate information you need to reach the desired location. Although the app of Optimus 2. Besides being able to monitor the location of any asset, it also collects data about the number of miles driven, driving time, parked time and address, as well as the maximum speed on a specific route.

It offers the whole package without additional charges for the first year. Users have the option to set the update time to 15,30 and 60 seconds, depending on their needs and preferences. This is the perfect car tracker, as it has a lot of features that were designed for vehicles, such as diagnostics, maintenance, recall, fuel level etc. At the same time, it can be attached to any other objects, as it can send trip history and movement alerts via text or email. It has geo-fencing, location, trip and zone management functions that can be set using the app.

If used in the USA, roadside services are available for free, such as lock-out services, fuel delivery or free towing. This is a great product, extremely versatile, suitable for commercial fleets and safety purposes. It is a great device that has a modern design and is extremely versatile. It offers real-time tracking and it is ideal for personal vehicles or commercial fleets.

If you need to monitor one or more vehicles to ensure that they are safe and on-track at all times, this small device is a great option. Just like the previous option, it has the great advantage of not charging a monthly fee for the app use.

5 Best Hidden GPS Trackers for Cars

It has an anti-theft function that works using the geo-fencing function. It is waterproof, so it will continue to work properly even during storms. This model has a powerful Li-Io battery that can sustain the device for 3 weeks, if used continuously. If you are a fleet administrator or you have a car rental company, you can use this powerful device to monitor the status of the vehicle. Thanks to its shock-alarm history route playback function and over speeding alarm you can ensure that your drivers are complying with all the rules.

GPS trackers can be used by companies, as well as individuals, to track their cars and personal belongings for safety purposes. They consist of devices placed inside the car that are connected to a central server and software and that allow users of their apps to track the vehicles from home or headquarters, depending on the case. Individuals who choose to track their car live with peace of mind that their borrowed car is safe and stays on the right track. The great thing about GPS car trackers is that they monitor more than just the position. They are capable of sending data about the speed, direction of travel and state of the car.

Another advantage is that they send data in real time at regular intervals of approximately one or two minutes. They are easy to install, use and need no maintenance. The fact that users can have full visibility using nothing more than their smartphones in order to access this data makes it extremely practical. GPS car trackers for companies have been used by companies for a long time, but models designed to serve the needs of individuals have only become available to the market a few years ago.

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They can be installed on any smartphone and all models include this feature. You can also use geofencing to alert when the vehicle enters or leaves specific areas, and the route replay function shows detailed analysis of trips. Perhaps most crucially for parents is the option to set up alerts for telltale signs of dangerous driving. These include speeding, excessive braking, and rapid acceleration.

While many GPS trackers have security in mind, those who travel a lot for work require something more specific.

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  6. Accurate mileage records are essential for companies and employees alike, and the Mileage Ace Pro is still among the most trusted on the market. This unit receives power via a provided USB adapter. With onboard buttons for designating when business trips start and end, it allows hands-on control for accurate readings. For a well-respected distance tracker known for reliability, this is your best option.

    What's the Best GPS Tracker for Your Car?

    Designed as a scaling solution for businesses of different sizes, the Geotab GO8 provides fleet security in several ways. This provides further information ranging from car health to driver habits. Geotab does not list pricing on itswebsite, opting instead for individual quotes by appointment. For a well-trusted modern solution for fleet management, Geotab does it right. The majority of the tracking market lies in the US, but the UK has several similar systems in place. This gives the user a variety of options for payment plans.

    The claimed battery life of 90 days is especially impressive. In an age when you can track your every movement from your iPhone, dedicated GPS units may seem redundant. But a dedicated GPS tracker is worth the investment thanks to its range of features and ability to help you recover your car. These bike trackers will help you locate your missing bike in no time. Read More too.